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Establishing higher standards of learning and instruction, Missouri Public Schools have developed an innovative assessment curriculum, known as the MAP Test. MAP, which stands for the Missouri Assessment Program, provides educational leaders with direct and detailed reports of student learning and success.

History of the MAP Test

During the 2008 to 2009 school year, students ranging from grades 3 through 8 engaged in the Missouri Assessment Program. Similar to the higher level EOC tests (End of Course), which are given to high school students, the MAP testing essentially identifies student achievement by assessing students on the core subject area standards and learning goals.

With the tests aligning with the curriculum goals, school leaders aim to have all Missouri public students reach or exceed the standard achievement level prior to moving onto the more challenging demands of high school and EOC tests.

To provide educators with qualitative data, the MAP test results are scored on a four-point scale:

  • Advanced – Top achievement level
  • Proficient – At achievement level
  • Basic – Below proficiency
  • Below Basic

Should I Be Worried about MAP Testing?

While the MAP Testing helps educators more effectively examine their teaching practices and effectiveness, a student’s MAP Test results may also influence their educational pathway in the future. Although scores are not intended to directly advance or hold back any students, select schools, based on their own policies and practices, may use the scores to determine ideal placement for a child in a specific class or level.

As a result, parents and students should be aware that their MAP Test scores may play a role in the planning of each student’s academic trajectory. Additionally, as the MAP Tests are used to evaluate individual schools, each student’s score impacts the school’s overall performance rating.

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