MAP Practice Tests

Online Practice Tests for the MAP Testing

MAP Practice Tests


Goals and Objectives of the MAP Test

While the MAP Test allows school leaders to evaluate both student learning and instructional performance, the MAP Test also focuses on additional core objectives:

  • Evaluate strategies to improve student learning, enhance skills, and boost competency
  • Actively observe the successes and potential detriments of Missouri Public Schools
  • Help both students and families gain a wider array of educational possibilities
  • Ensure that all students across the state of Missouri are provided to equal and fair access to learning the subjectís standards and skills

How Can I Help My Child Prepare for the MAP Test?

Whereas the Missouri Public School curriculum is designed to cover material pertinent to each gradeís core subjects and topics, parents can certainly help foster their childís learning and progress at home.

Specifically, is a resource offering detailed guidance and practice work for students of various grade levels. As the MAP Tests review concepts relevant to each grade level in the subject areas of communication arts, math, and science, the features of can help foster enhanced comprehension and confidence prior to your childís official MAP Test.

Additionally, exposing students to practice assessments and preparatory work can help boost confidence, and with the assistance of, a childís nervousness or potential anxiety related to the test may diminish.

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